Who is Nasir?

Every business has a great somebody that sits behind the scenes, that connects the dots & softens the edges. That one person who is tough on the surface yet mellow within, that selfless somebody that always gives a piece of him.

Heres Mr Nasir the backbone that unites us, for his passion & soul that is installed within Lemongrass. The founder of the Lemongrass Group

He is the signature of Lemongrass, so we take a moment to get to know our best man & then we hear his words that make us all proud…

“I eat, drink, sleep Lemongrass so I don’t see what the outside sees of me. But what brings out the best out of me, is the opportunity to be me; working hard and playing hard on the job. I am honoured to be the first piece of the puzzle that makes Lemongrass complete… It has surely been an unexpected journey so far.

I’m proud of my roots and being raised in a small village in Bangladesh, but I cannot deny, It was very tough when I first started out. like so many Bengali families I was the sole provider for my parents back home but also here in England, I was drawn to the thai industry but I wanted to leave my mark in the world…so I gained as much experience as I could before I ventured into hospitality.

Now the hospitality sector can be unkind, so the tough skin that I now have is the years of grafting within a kitchen, and as a porter, as a waiter, as a barman, as a chef and as a manager. These are the experiences that make me… me! Today, I appreciate everyone for being in those shoes; their efforts, their missions and their laughs within our team, and having said this,…it’s my time to reflect on our recent success as we celebrate our wins at the Asian curry awards , Thank you everyone, I’m feeling blessed ”

Minhaz Nasir,
Founder and pioneer

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